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Server Rules

-Spawn area is for shops only!
-Don't be a jerk.
-Treat others how you would want to be treated.
-Act like an adult.
-Be respectful and maintain a fair, fun, and friendly environment for
-Have manners - Don't forget your please and thank you's!
-Do not expose IRL information without permission that could be harmful to another member.
-Do not harass anyone including other members or staff of the server.
-Do not post anything with malicious intents
- Sites, links, files, pirated or stolen content of any sort is not allowed here.
-No advertising(This includes asking for advice for starting your own server, posting another servers link, etc). You will be removed and banned.
-No griefing.
-Do not tamper with others redstone builds unless they have asked you for help specifically.
-Pranking is okay(Look at pranking in hermitcraft), as long as it does not harm the other player, or destroy their build.
-No Stealing.
-PvP by consent only.
-Spread out(unless discussed with another player)
-No Automatic Farms in the spawn chunks

-Participate in the community

    You can participate in many ways, for example:
    -Providing materials needed for community projects 
    -Help on community days and building/designing builds needed 
    -Farming needed items

Bannable Offenses

- X-raying
- Item duping(only tnt allowed)
- Stealing
- Griefing
- Spamming/Harassing
- Advertising other servers etc

Extra Rules/Guidelines

-Do not use exploits that give an unfair advantage over other players or eliminate the need for trade/commerce. This includes duplication machines(TNT duping is allowed, any other duping is an immediate ban)
-Do not build any contraptions that cause excessive lag. Any such build may be removed/turned off without warning if noticeable lag is occurring(Though our server keeps up with big redstone things so just discuss with us and we’ll see if it causes any problems).
-Auto fishing and mini maps with mobs turned off are ok to use
-You may pick up a book for custom armour stands in the Admin house in spawn

Land Claim Rules:

-Base has to be at least 1000x1000 blocks away from spawn
-Post desired location in “land-claims” channel in Discord for staff to approve before claiming
-Claim a spot by putting down a sign and writing [CLAIM] on top row, your name on bottom ones

Spawn Shops

Managers: ArtfulMishap & Sunfiretlz

       We’re here to help! Please work with the staff and I so we can make the shopping district a nice place and talk to us about your plans, shop ideas, etc! If you run into any problems (theft concerns or are upset with another shop owner for example), please do contact a helper or admin.


-Only build on marked areas, contact for expansion
-If there hasn’t been any activity in your shop(purchases/restocks), your plot may get repurposed/shut down
-Contact ArtfulMishap If you want to claim/expand a plot/ask for a new one
-No direct selling of explosives
-Max 2 shops per person, 3rd one has to be co-owned
-No copying of store/redstone designs
-Pay what is asked or contact the owner for negotiations/trades.

How to set up your shop

-Claim a plot by changing the sign to say your name
-Shop cannot be taller than 10 blocks
-Register it by putting a sign with [SHOP] on top row and make a post about it in the “shop-advertising” channel
-Add an ender chest for an “ATM”


Registrate your shop or service for people to easily see what's being sold in your shop/what service you can provide.
Shop Registration / Service Registration
Shop Registry / Service Registry

Temp Shops

- You can customize the armor stand and banners for your temp shop or add more item frames for price/goods display. Be sure to return the stall to the way it was for the next person to use

Villain City

Managers: Siames & Jessums

          Villain City is a big project so we encourage all players to join in and help us make it possible if they can, whether that is through donating materials for it or building something yourself!

-Contact Siames or Jessums before building on any available plots
-Stick with the colour scheme: Blue, red, purple and white/grey/black as base
-ONLY build in a modern western city style
-Working shops are allowed(See shop guidelines)
-Do not build outside your plot, contact staff for new plots/expansions
-Any random/unapproved builds will be removed without warning
-Do not take the materials from VC Office for your own builds!